Talk Thursday – I Mind

I wanted to write about the “I” mind, but since I stopped reading the book and don’t even remember the name of it, I’ll leave it open as a possibility that my mom may write on that.


Normally, I eat well.  I don’t eat a lot of sugar or want it.  I like a piece of Chocolove Dark Chocolate with crushed coffee beans in it after lunch or a piece or two or three or ten of Endangered Species Dark Chocolate with Blueberries.  Other than that, I don’t crave the sweets.  Maybe I get my full dose in my coffee every morning.

Thursday, yesterday and today were a different story.  I wanted crap food all day.  A donut, that I would normally gag thinking about, sounded and tasted deeee-licious.  Well, why just taste one?  Have a bite of each from the donut smorgasbord.  Smorgasbord.  That’s a funny word.  When I was done with the fried sugary food, I went for cheesecake, then peanut brittle, then a bite of ice cream, and back to the cheesecake.  I don’t mind the calories these days, but I mind the unhealthfulness of it.  It’s not like me.

I know this is temporary.  Excuse me while sip my Wild Berry tea to keep my mouth busy.  I’ve already had 2 travel mugs full of peach tea, unsweetened I might add.  Stars know I don’t need any more sugar today.  I wonder if it has something to do with fatigue.  I haven’t slept well in 3 nights and would argue that I slept about 3 hours last night, but I probably slept more than that.  I got 5 hours both nights before.  Hm.  By Jove, I think I’ve got it.  If only I hadn’t crashed like only a sleep-deprived human could this afternoon, I might have hope that I’ll go to bed in an hour.  Well, I can hope.  Bedtime tea for the next round!  I wonder how Bedtime tea and a downloaded episode of “Glee” would digest.  Sounds like indulgent fun.

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2 Responses to Talk Thursday – I Mind

  1. Cele says:

    Oh gosh for the days when I could eat cheesecake and not remorse the calories. get some sleep girlfriend.

  2. lynnblossom says:

    I love Glee. What’s an I mind? If I’m behind in my posting would that make me an “I behind”? Is there an “I arm” for gun lovers? “I navel” for ship lovers. “I asshole” for jerks. Hmmmm. Maybe I’m onto something.

    Guess I didn’t read that book either.

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