Tiny Rant of the Day

I noticed something over the weekend, maybe started the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Maybe it’s just in my town because I don’t notice it in the town where I work, for example.  What is up with women following men around like dogs?  It disgusts me and makes me appreciate that I don’t have a man to commit such a deferential act with.  I might not be “with” anyone, but I sure as fuck don’t follow anyone either.  I don’t notice any men following women like dogs.  They could.
I went to the bar by myself on Friday night.  Did I follow anyone around? No.  I talked to two or three people that I knew.  I went to the bathroom by myself.  I waited for a man to bring me a drink.  Not that Not-My-Boyfriend didn’t do that because he did.  Actually, I didn’t wait.  I was about to go get my own drink like I always do, and this acquaintance offered, and I accepted.  And bonus, he didn’t roofie me.
Anyway, perhaps my past feminist has reared her flowing tendrils once again.  Or perhaps, I am just going through a phase where relationships disgust me, or the dynamics of relationships disgust me.  Why do women follow men around?  Why do I find it disgusting, but I would find it less disgusting if a man followed a woman around?  Double standard.  I think so.  What about gays?  Does that bother me?  Not sure.  Don’t have many around to witness up here.  Why can’t the man and the woman do their own thing and say, “Meet you back here,” unless an one of them intends to introduce the other to someone.  Okay.  If I’m going to allow myself to follow a man around, he’d better treat me like an empress.
Okay, and then there are the times when you don’t want to leave someone’s side, and you want to spend every moment together because you love each other.  The two images in my mind  from the weekend seem a little cavemanish.  The only time I find it acceptable to follow a man is when he leads me to the dance floor.  In that case, I usually lead.  Just sayin’.  Yes, in my perfect world, every day would involve a dance floor.  I guess the kitchen will have to do.
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