moment of weakness

I don’t want to go to bed by myself tonight.  I hate to admit this. I’m having a moment of weakness.  I have been the woman who celebrates single life and enjoying my time with myself.  Tonight, I feel so many conflicting things, as usual.  I have a ‘fuck-you-attitude’ toward my non-boyfriend.  Maybe I’m needy and sensitive lately, but that’s how it is. He didn’t reply to a text, so I have one way to measure that. I miss having him here at the same time.

I’m going back to being the woman who enjoys her single life.  I had a moment of weakness that has passed. I’ll blame it on the wine. Living in the in-between takes its toll sometimes.  Back to doing whatever the fuck I want to, because I can.  I’m going to clean my neglected house now.  Being gone for a weekend also takes its toll.

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One Response to moment of weakness

  1. lynnblossom says:

    Fuck the house too. It will be there when you are ready. Unless you can’t find something you need.

    Sorry you’re feeling blue about being alone. I wonder how losing a close friend will affect Remi now.

    I love you.

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