Holy Shit August

After reading Buddhist in the Bible Belt‘s blog, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t whining or complaining or not seeing enough of the pros rather than the cons in my last post.  I didn’t mean to, if I did.  It’s been a “Holy Shit!” kind of month, and it’s a lot for me to manage in my brain.  All is well, just lots of changes all at once.  Today is good and all that matters, as long as it doesn’t suck like yesterday, which doesn’t matter because it isn’t today.  It’s been the kind of week where if my friends didn’t remind me that my birthday is tomorrow, I would forget.  Birthdays are nice, but they don’t fall high on the priority lists of ‘things to remember’ and ‘shit to figure out in the next 10 days.’  I’m looking forward to it all the same.

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2 Responses to Holy Shit August

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hi! Wondering what set you off, the gay marriage thing or the mothers having babies at home thing. Or was it the Poison thing?

  2. Cele says:

    Holy Shit it’s almost October where are you ou ou u?

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