Talk Thursday – Expectations

I went to lunch after work today with my boss.  She suggested making predictions for the next year for the business, personal lives, everything.  It would be like a time capsule to open up next June.

I looked at her and smiled.  “I’ll be in a better mental state a year from now,” I said.

I spend so much of my time thinking about Ex and things that have happened in the last year, 9 months, whatever.  I have a court date in less than a week for my foreclosing home.  Yep, it’s true.  Ex didn’t pay the mortgage for about 6 months before leaving all responsibilities behind.  I tried to save it.  I’ve had it listed for sale with no results.  Some days, I look forward to the foreclosure, other days it hurts my ego that I face this, and other days I have hope that it will sell before F-Day next month.  Despite that situation, I have what matters most: my family.  So, in the big picture of life, a foreclosure doesn’t matter.

I expect to have a job that I like going to.  If it is unrealistic to expect that, please tell me now.

I expect to spend more time thinking about the present.

I expect to do something for me one night a week, like go to a dance class that my former teacher keeps begging me to come back to every time I see her.

I expect to have more date nights, know where I’ll be living, and where Little Guy will attend school.

Okay, so seven personal expectations in the next year.  I think I’ll stop there.  At least I’m still hoping and dreaming.

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