The Apple and the Tree

My mom often did things that horrified me during my childhood.  These things I swore I would never do, and I could always tell when she had done them.  My mom would pluck her eyebrows, and I didn’t know why anyone would do such a thing.  In 2003, late in blooming, I stripped my full caterpillar eyebrows with wax to respectable arches.  They have kept their prominence as a feature and remained groomed since then.

My mom indulged her guilty pleasure or hidden talent for cutting her own fine, wavy hair, and still does.  Again, I swore up and down and sideways that I would never do this to my challenging ringlets.  Well, I learned my lesson after the time I took dull scissors to it to rid myself of split ends (at age 13) and ended up with even more.  And when singeing hair to cut it became trendy, I wanted to try too.  It smelled awful and gave me more split ends.

I begged my mom to stop cutting her own hair for years, until I took her with me to a former hairstylist of mine who said my mom had cut her own hair so well that she should consider a career in it.  Okay, Mom, you won.

Living in the rural mountains of Colorado, I have had a hard time finding a stylist who doesn’t charge $50 or more.  I know it’s a ski town, and they can charge more in this tourist-driven area, but COME ON!  Call me cheap, but I won’t pay more than $32 for a cut, and I prefer to pay less, but not at SuperCuts or GreatClips or wherever else offers a crappy, 5-minute cut.

So, the last time I got a cut, I tried out a local salon in my even smaller and more rural town.  It was her first time cutting my hair and trying to follow the last cut I got and LOVED at the Aveda salon in Salt Lake when my mom lived there.  I liked the cut I got here and it only cost $20.  It was more of a trim, and it didn’t look all that different when I left.

Two weeks ago, it had been two months since my most recent cut, and it needed reshaping.  I shut the door to the bathroom and grabbed the medical scissors I keep in my basket.  Snip, snip, snip to the sides I did. Bye-bye curly ends that had started to head in their own direction.  It looked better and less straggly.  One session led to another and another, and now after 3 of my own side-shapings, it needs a true trim in the back.  (I told my mom this yesterday, and she looked shocked, I say, shocked…and a little proud of me for cutting my own hair.)

So, I just have one question.  Mom, what are you doing next Saturday?

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3 Responses to The Apple and the Tree

  1. Cele says:

    My mother cut her own DA for years. Was always amazed.l Then I went to beauty college and realized what a darn good job she’d been doing. I quit the trade (radio is much better) went through stylist after stylist and finally gave up. I cut my own hair and am happier for it.

  2. jenniphur says:

    And your hair looks great! I would never have known you did it yourself.

  3. lynnblossom says:

    Such a revelation and that particular Saturday has passed. I’m open this Saturday and looking forward to it.


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