Aftermath – Talk Thursday

Yesterday, Little Guy, my boyfriend, his mom and I drove down to have lunch with Boyfriend’s grandmother.  While in her city, we went to Wally World, or Wal-mart, as others call it.  I bought two educational activity books for Little Guy, one math and one alphabet writing and phonetics.

This morning, Little Guy asked me if he could do some of the activities in the books.  He picked the math one first.  He’s less interested in writing numbers as he is in making sense of the pictures.  After math, he did a page or two of the alphabet book.  Again, he likes the pictures more than writing letters.  I want to prepare him for kindergarten where they will expect him to write the alphabet, numbers 1-20, his name, etc.  We both really want him to go to school next year, and we have a few more months to get him ready!

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