Defeat and Triumph

I feel defeated.  

I picked up Little Guy yesterday from Ex-Hubby’s yesterday morning after my meeting at work.  I was backing out of the driveway when Ex came out of the house with a plastic bottle of root beer, opened Little Guy’s door, handed it to him, and said, “Don’t forget this!”

A look of disgust came over my face as I sneered and smiled at the same time toward Ex.  Nothing turns my kid into a whining, crying, hyper, inattentive alien child faster than high fructose corn syrup.  I have a hard time believing I birthed him when he acts like that, then again, he’s a 4-year-old angel most of the time.  

I left Ex’s house and didn’t respond to anything Little Guy had to say about, “My dad lets me have this,” or  “I like this drink, Mom.” 

“Mmhmm,” was all I said.  

Before we had left the house, Ex blocked me into the bathroom and said, “And one more thing before you leave,” (I forgot what the first thing was, if he had one.) “Stop painting Little Guy’s fingernails.”

“Why?” I said.  “He likes it.”

“Stop it.  Even females think you should stop.”

“He asks me to paint them.”

I looked at Little Guy, who looked at me, then we looked back at his dad.  I shrugged my shoulders and wished I would have told him to tell his testosterone-poisoned, homophobic acquaintances to suck my dirty, running socks and thank their lucky stars that he doesn’t do other things that would appall them more.  Ex backed out of the bathroom door jam, let me through, and Little Guy and I left.  

So, I ask myself, where’s my triumph?  Does it lie in peace of mind that Little Guy spends most of his time with me?  Does it lie with his future that he will stay the angelic child that I love and have raised?  Does it lie with the knowledge of balance in the world and in his life between us two opposing parents that he will grow up to make his own decisions based on the perspectives we have given him?  Does the triumph come in because I stand up to Ex now and for my choices and Little Guy’s, and that I didn’t agree to stop painting his nails?  Or is it all of that?  

No, it’s not about winning the battle(s) to me.  It’s still about being strong and trying to open up Ex’s resistant mind (no, I don’t know why I keep trying) and keeping Little Guy’s mind active, positive, and aware.

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2 Responses to Defeat and Triumph

  1. Cele says:

    Sadly to get these great little people in our lives, we have to deal with some real toads.

  2. sideon says:

    Life is a little bit of both sometimes. You handled this so amazingly more graceful than I would have, ‘cuz I’m sure I would have thrown the “says the belly dancing man to his child” right back in his face.


    You’d think men grow out of being a dick, but they don’t. Myself included.

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