Talk Thursday – My Reason for not

My reason for not: fear.  I need to call an attorney today to help me get my Ex to cooperate with our divorce agreement.  I have put it off for at least a month or two.  I’m afraid.  I’m afraid of his reaction.  It seems that every week, I slam him with another demand or criticism.  I refuse to answer his calls.  It’s what I’m left to do.  I have to take responsibility for me and Little Guy, and sometimes that means getting backup, legal-won’t-take-no-for-an-answer-get-shit-done backup.  He hasn’t taken responsibility, so I will.

I’m also calling on places to live today.  I have a day off from the Ranch, so I’m getting stuff done that I have put off for too long, such as finding a place to live, copying all of my summer contracts, copying keys, and a list of other things.  At least I did two loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, made Little Guy’s lunch, and cleaned the bathroom after I woke up with the sun this morning.  

Facing the music now,


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2 Responses to Talk Thursday – My Reason for not

  1. 2binthenow says:

    Hi, I’m new to this site and this happends to be my 1st post ever on a Blog.

    I think I’m living a very similar dynamic as you at the moment. I’ve been seperated for about two months now (wife moved out) and fear of just about everything is paralyzing me. Reading how you got a load of laundry completed… reminded me that I’m not the only one having a rough time of it.
    That said, I’m being as proactive as possible trying to gain control of thoses areas I can and avoid, accept or change those I can’t.

  2. Cele says:

    Jenn, sometimes it’s choosing the battles. You are picking up the gauntlet way earlier than I tried to, good girl. Don’t back down.

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