Talk Thursday – Attitude Adjustment

I walked into work after the second round of guests had checked out last week to find a fairly tidy home to take care of after them.  Praise the stars.  I wish all guests left the house that clean.  

I went down to the basement and something they had done annoyed me, which set me off.  I took a minute, noticing my fierce and foul mood change over something small.  

“It doesn’t matter, I told myself.  Be thankful they left the house so damn clean and that it happened two weeks in a row.”  

I can’t ask for much more than that, and it’s not worth sweating the small stuff.  I have to keep my attitude in check.  I’m the boss, dammit, and I have a staff of six this year to motivate and keep on track, and if my mood sucks, so will theirs.  

I kept moving and everything stayed on track and organized last week, unlike the week before which was really just a cluster-fuck, since I was short a staff member and all of us work other jobs and have to carefully schedule time to keep the Ranch in working order or better.  We’ll see what this week brings, but I know that no matter what, only the big stuff matters.  Thank the stars I have a job and more work coming in and connections to get me to a better place soon.

What do you do to keep your attitude in check and positive?

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