Two Big Silly Dogs

After scheduling showers at various friends’ houses between the last housesitting gig at my Ex’s and this one that started yesterday, I am so happy to have hot water and get to shower at the same place every day for the next week.  

This house is half finished.  No, less than that.  The kitchen is done, as well as the bathroom.  In the bedroom, my friend set up a bed for me and a separate bed for Little Guy in the Master Bedroom closet, which does not have a door.  He also put night lights everywhere.  It’s handy for the 2 a.m. potty trip I make every night.  The rest of the house is 4x4s, floorboard and insulation.  I’m still thrilled to be staying here!

Little Guy also has his own creative corner where he can paint on the wall, play basketball, sit in a little chair just for him, and have the run of that part of the house.  This frickin’ rocks!  

I have two, 150-pound Newfoundland dogs in my care.  They have big, sweet faces and play gently with Little Guy.  What a relief after the April dogsitting adventure.  They remind me of small horses with drool.  They both got on the bed with me this morning when they heard that Little Guy and I had woken up.  I thought it was funny and sweet, even though the male layed his body across mine.  

I have to wonder, couldn’t we just live here?  I know that we can’t and that we have to move out of Girlfriend’s house.  I have an appointment to look at an apartment tomorrow morning.

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