“Move Out. Don’t Mess Around.” – Yaz

I moved my schtuff out of Ex’s yesterday.  The house feels a little bare, but lighter.  Maybe that’s how I feel, since I’m only wearing a bathrobe and I just pushed out a #2.  

One of my friends helped me do it.  Of course, I first asked him to join me for coffee in town.  I knew he would help a little, but I didn’t expect him to stay until it was done.  It only took a few hours, and he happened to have a ton of great boxes at his house to use, since he’s remodeling.  

I couldn’t find the list of what Ex and I had agreed on as far as splitting up the kitchen stuff, so that’s left to do.  Everything else is out of here and packed away.  A lot of my resentment went away, too.

On top of moving out, I started the day with a Triple Shot Mocha with whole milk and whipped cream and a peach muffin.  Then, I took the dog for a swim with the two dogs I will take care of later this month.  Next, I packed up my stuff, thanked my friend profusely for his help, picked up Little Guy from pre-school,and drove to Boyfriend’s work for Buffalo Chicken Pizza that he made for us.  (Have I mentioned the perks of dating a chef?)  Then, we three went to Target and the skateboard park.  

I had craved skateboarding all day like I crave caffeine in the morning.  I felt so much better after riding around for a while and trying to get better on the ramp.  Boyfriend told me that skateboarding is good for blowing off steam, and I had a lot of it yesterday.  Little Guy had us climb up to better see the purple sky of dusk before heading home.  

We got home and I put Little Guy to bed.  Just when I thought the day couldn’t get any better, Boyfriend presented me with a surprise.  I closed my eyes and held out my hands.  Scrabble!  We were too tired to play a round last night.

I can hardly wait to peel the plastic off the box and play the first game with Boyfriend tonight.  Momma, you’re going to get to play when you come to visit, too!

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2 Responses to “Move Out. Don’t Mess Around.” – Yaz

  1. Cele says:

    Oh, I am jealous a man who plays scrabble.

  2. sideon says:

    You = English major

    He = if not English major, is toast.


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