Last night after work as I enjoyed my shift drink, Duck Pond Cabernet (yum!), my friends and I were laughing over this situation:

We have internet at the house again, but only enough hot water for one person to shower per day.

I’m housesitting at Ex’s for 10 days and had looked forward to the unlimited hot water I would have here until…

Ex told me that the hot water has been going out and I would have to turn a dial to get it to work every day.  

Ha ha ha ha.  Joke’s on me.  In the big picture, it’s better than no hot water at all.  I can deal with lukewarm.  

I have another housesitting/dogsitting gig in a couple weeks.  Last night, I asked about the hot water supply there, and I will have oodles of hot water.  He said I could do laundry all day if I wanted to, and he would still have hot water.  I’m looking forward to that!

I won’t do laundry all day, but I will appreciate the abundance of hot water.

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1 Response to Balance?

  1. Cele says:

    I’m with you, day does not start without hot water. must have. gotta have.

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