excuse me as I vomit

Excuse me as I vomit my entire life into this blog.  I cannot help it.  I hold many things back.  I cannot tell you the specifics of my dramatic day at work that made me wonder just what the hell I’m doing there…still.

I can tell you how much fun I had at Ex-Husband’s house when Little Guy gave him his birthday present.  I got him a balloon rocket from Little Guy.  It took an hour of playing with the toys at True Value yesterday to select the right gift and get what we went there for in the first place.  

I haven’t laughed so much with Ex and Little Guy together in a long time.  It felt good in a friendly, ex kind of way.  I thought the squealing balloons that chased all over the ceiling would make the dog unhappy.  Turns out, he liked chasing the squealing balloons as much as we liked watching them fly all over the house.  The cat had NO interest, but he didn’t bush his tail at them either.  

Happy Birthday, Ex.  Have a good first trip to Europe!

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One Response to excuse me as I vomit

  1. lynnblossom says:

    Reading your blog and catching up makes me realize what an extraordinary person you are and how lucky I am to be in your life. I miss you and love you up to the stars.

    My mom used to tell me I inspired her. Now I understand.


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