TT – The Psychology of Running

The psychology of running requires mind games for me.  When I run, I pick a point in the distance to reach.  When I get there, I find that I can keep running far longer than I thought.  

My former running partner used to encourage me to drink a beer the night before our morning runs.  She said the carbs would fuel me to run farther.  Well, she wished.  And so did I.  It never worked for me.  I felt more lethargic than usual on those mornings when I would wake her from her bed at 6 a.m. before we had to go to work.  

Staying out later than normal to consume said beer could have had an influence on my energy level as well.  I’ll admit that now.  

When I was house and dog-sitting last month and spending more time by myself than usual, I drank less beer, vodka, etcetera.  I found it easier to get up and run on the mornings after I had abstained from any alcohol.  Well, one drink after work didn’t seem to make a difference with the running.  

I read somewhere that drinking coffee and eating carbs after running prevents a person from having the energy crash.  That works wonders and encourages that damn coffee habit that I like.

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One Response to TT – The Psychology of Running

  1. Cele says:

    When I was body building it was always pasta for those complex energy carbs. The fact you want to run boggles my mind.

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