Last Week’s TT – Saying Goodbye

“Saying goodbye is never an easy thing, but you never said, you’d stay forever.  So if you must go, then darling I’ll set you free.  I know in time, we’ll be together.” Taylor Daynes

My dad and I used to listen to Taylor Daynes’ album as we drove to and from Idaho to see family on the weekends, about once a month.  I knew all the lyrics well at one time.  I still do.  They’re just a little foggy, like the drive home from Breckenridge last night.  No, the drive home was REALLY foggy.  Back to the story.

Thinking back, my dad and I listened to some pretty dorky 80’s music that I LOVED.  Wham!  I keep that in my car in the CD holder at all times.  Yes, I bought Glenn Frey, Huey Lewis and the News, The Bangles and a few others of whose songs I could not forget over the years.  

Listening to that music reminds me of the good times my dad and I had and makes me appreciate when we had a relationship and he still communicated with me.  I don’t dwell on the silence he has allowed to grow between us.   

At some point in my college years, craving to know the words again, I bought George Michael’s “Faith” album.  How could I not?  I remember when the “Faith” video came out.  George wore acid-wash jeans, a black leather jacket, sunglasses, and a cross earring.  Oh, and his guitar.  The video contained some flattering butt shots.  

My aunt was still alive then, around 1988.  She watched a lot of TV and would leave it on MTV in hopes of seeing that video as much as possible.  I remember arriving on a Saturday at her house to her watching that video.  We could hear her high-pitched giggle from the front door.  My dad and I rushed to the dinner table to watch it with her and joined in the giggling.  

I think that moment amuses me more than most others in my life.  It didn’t get much better than hearing her laugh and watching George Michael shake it.

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2 Responses to Last Week’s TT – Saying Goodbye

  1. Cele says:

    That was a great video. Sometimes it must sound trite, golden moments are the memories that get us through the sad and lonely times. But I think that it is true.

  2. lynnblossom says:

    This topic hit me right at Memorial Day and I haven’t written about it yet. You said it very well, and I’m glad you talked about Sanette. She was wonderful.

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