TT – I never thought I would be ….here

I never thought I would be here, at a coffee shop, having coffee, breakfast and conversation on a Friday morning before work.  I’ll tell you why I’m here.  It’s a funny story.

My roomie left town on Tuesday.  I was off on Tuesday with no plans and nowhere to go.  Just a day to clean the house and play with Little Guy.  I went to get my keys so that I could go to the skate park that afternoon, and they weren’t where I had left them.  I KNEW I had left them on the bookshelf by the door.  

I texted roomie to see if she had seen them.  No response.  It bothered me to no end that I had lost my keys.  I have NEVER  lost my keys before.  Wallet, yes.  Phone, yes.  Important papers, temporarily misplaced often, but never my keys.

I began to tear the house apart looking for the keys and for the spare set.  Man, and I had just gotten the house almost perfectly clean. Schnikies.  

The next day I told Roomie that I still couldn’t find my keys.  She confessed to picking them up by mistake thinking that they went to her car.  She had them in her parked car in Denver while she was in Texas.

Hooray!  I hadn’t lost my keys.  Whew.  

So, for the last 3 days, praise the stars for my friends, I have gotten rides to and from town.  This morning, Daycare’s husband picked me and Little Guy up and drove us into town.  I was in town before 8a.m.  Let’s take a moment and celebrate that small miracle that hasn’t happened in a year.  I don’t have to be to work until 10:30, so I went to a coffee shop for breakfast since I hadn’t eaten or had my tea yet.  I also needed to get some work done on the computer that had been ignored all week since I had no internet or transportation. (Normally, I borrow internet access at Boyfriend’s.)  

What has this week made clear to me?

It pays off to be good to friends and love them and take care of them, so that they do the same for their friends.  It’s been an adventure this week.  A good one!


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One Response to TT – I never thought I would be ….here

  1. Cele says:

    Now that is a kewl silver lining to a potentially bad, bad beginning.

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