Talk Thursday – Groove Is in the Heart

For the first time in years, I enjoyed Valentine’s Day yesterday.  I looked forward to it a little.  I’ve never been a huge fan of holidays, but I’m starting to wonder if that will change this year, too.  I hope so.  


If groove is in the heart, then I’ve been feeling a lot more groove lately.  And I’ve been going with it.  


I had to work last night at the restaurant.  Everything went smoothly.  We had extra help.  I had spent the three days leading up to Valentine’s Day thinking up conversation starting questions to go on all the tables for the evening.  I had questions like “What’s the best pick-up line you’ve ever gotten?”  “What’s your favorite place on your body to be kissed by your lover?”  

People loved it.  I got praise for my creativity.  I loved that.

I’m getting my groove back.

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2 Responses to Talk Thursday – Groove Is in the Heart

  1. Cele says:

    Love the pick up lines.

  2. sideon says:

    Groove is in the Heart – oh yeah.

    it’s nice when it’s on the radio, too, and that happy-dance feeling is so overwhelming that you are movin’ your butt, even if you’re in your car at a stoplight, flailing about like an epileptic attack.


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