Housesitting rocks!

I’ve been housesitting this week, and it’s awesome and weird. Ex asked me to housesit for him while he went out of town for work.

I forgot how much I missed this house and Little Guy having his own room. That may be the best part. It makes me realize how badly I want to live in my own place.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy living with my girlfriend and her family. I have felt lonely here without them, but I have relished the quiet and the freedom to do laundry whenever I want, leave my dishes unwashed, use the wireless internet, cook in the good pans, and watch TV.

Since moving out, I haven’t had TV. Life fills up my time, and I don’t know how I ever had time for TV. I have noticed that with internet and TV at my fingertips, I spend less time with Little Guy.

I decided to sleep in the old bed, rather than the couch in the cold living room. That has been weird.

Ex called a few minutes ago, and he’s going to be home tonight. I’m looking forward to going back to my room at Girlfriend’s and getting some time off from Little Guy and seeing a good friend. I almost planned a Super Bowl party, and now I’m glad I didn’t.

Time to crack the whip. I have another load of laundry to do, dishes to put away and wash, a dog and cat to brush and exercise, and a rug to vacuum.

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1 Response to Housesitting rocks!

  1. Cele says:

    Like you, my daughter is a single parent who shares life and a three room town house with another family. I am glad she lives close enough that we can give her occasional weekends to have a single life adult life. Like you there are moments she needs for herself. Parenthood is wonderful, but there is a need for mommy time.

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