Monday, Monday with Little Guy

Sometimes, Little Guy can drop in at pre-school. On Monday, we did just that. He wouldn’t stay in the classroom, unless I did, so I spent all day Monday with Little Guy. Sadly, I have few days where I spend most of it teaching him things aside from Mommy works a lot.

He’s three and a half, so we’re working on the alphabet and counting to ten, which he can do almost all by himself. That day in school, we painted, watched and learned about birds, traced pictures, played outside and watched a Montessori video.

Little Guy worked on sharing, helping clean up with the other kids, listening, and taking turns. I enjoyed my day with him and felt like we had created some quality time together.

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One Response to Monday, Monday with Little Guy

  1. Cele says:

    Oh that is most excellent. Back when my daughter was that age parents weren’t really welcomed in the classroom. It is good things have changed.

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