Last Weekend – Fun and Tiring and Filled with Music

Little Guy went to a friend’s house for a sleepover last Friday night, and I went out with Girlfriend. We grooved to an entertaining, local rock band. I GOT TO SING WITH THEM FOR ONE SONG.  Wahoo!  We danced with funny locals who had the balls or enough alcohol in them to goof off on the dance floor with us.  We stayed up way too late.  I crashed on the couch and had to get up to work Saturday. I didn’t get to sleep in. What a long day of needing a nap, so after work, I took one. Then, I picked up Little Guy from his friend’s house and took him to his dad’s.

Saturday, I got the night off from work and went to a larger town nearby, about an hour and a half away, with a friend. We saw a punk rock show (Frontside Five) at a bar that didn’t have much to it, but a stage, a cement floor, lots of black paint, a bar, and two, cold, white-tiled bathrooms.

The music was loud. It was so loud that it vibrated loose all the bronchial congestion I have had for the last 3 weeks. Life List: See punk rock show: Check!

I couldn’t help but think of Ex who went through adolescence with the help of punk rock. He would have liked that place, just as this friend does. Weird, rare similarity.

Then, the moment I had been waiting for, Hell’s Belles started playing. For those of you who don’t know, Hell’s Belles is an all-girl, AC/DC cover band. Not being a huge AC/DC fan, I didn’t know who they were either. Oh, but when Girlfriend heard I had seen them, she was sooo jealous. She is a HUGE AC/DC fan.  She was sick that weekend, or I would have invited her.

Anyway, I danced to the music and couldn’t sing along to the lyrics. Those women kicked ass! I didn’t want the show to end. If this band comes to a town near you, SEE THEM!

Since I had slept very little the night before, this friend and I agreed that I would drive down and he would drive us home, so that I could sleep. This also meant that I got to have drinks. It seems like I get designated as the driver when I go out, so what a treat to get a real night out. I didn’t have to pay for my drinks, and he filled up my gas tank on the way home.

I still didn’t sleep enough that night, but it was worth it. And going to work at 9 a.m. on Sunday wasn’t so bad either, and I had Little Guy that day, too. As soon as I dropped off Little Guy that afternoon with Ex, I left in search of a nap and found one that lasted a couple hours and ended with cheese pizza and more sleep.

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1 Response to Last Weekend – Fun and Tiring and Filled with Music

  1. Cele says:

    I got to see Hells Bells a few years ago, you’re right, they rock.

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