A Break

Little Guy had his first sleepover this weekend.  He did great, and Husband and I enjoyed a little peace and quiet and got to go out TOGETHER.  Girlfriend and I were going out on Friday night, and I decided to ask Husband if he wanted to join us.  She and I didn’t dance anywhere near as much as we usually do, but it was good to get Husband out.  I enjoyed feeling 100% free of child responsibility for one night.  I have a few friends who have this luxury of having family around and really getting a break, and I hope to make more of a habit of it and returning the favor to my mom-friend.  

When Husband and I woke up in the morning and had breakfast, we commented on the quiet of the house. We had both slept better that night than we had in a long time.  We decided that we need to give Little Guy away overnight more often.  

Little Guy did great at his friend’s house.  He didn’t ask about me once or wake up disoriented over his whereabouts.  He and his friend played and played and played.  

Having Little Guy gone for a night reminded me of what life was like before we had him, but it was too quiet.  I missed Little Guy after a while.  I looked forward to picking him up, even though I had to head to work with him, and that makes life a little harder sometimes.  Husband didn’t get to see Little Guy until we got home after 5 pm.  He really missed him!  So, they had some father-son time while I headed out to a different job for the night.  

Yes, we’ll enjoy sleepovers more often in the future!

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