Priorities, Resolutions, and Focus

Last winter or fall, I made a resolution to do one thing at a time, to stop multitasking.  This decision came about after a few conversations on the phone where I did other things at the same time: emailed, surfed the internet, cooked dinner.  Well, when I multitasked, each task suffered.  I couldn’t remember details from conversations.  I would get lost in my cooking process.  You get the picture.  

Over the weekend, I finished an editing project for a 60-page website.  I edited the site online and on the pages that needed corrections, I had to wait for the pages to load (about 2 minutes) and unload (another 2 minutes) for editing in the program I used.  I wanted to focus on Sunday morning and FINISH that project and FOCUS on the project and nothing else.  Normally, I read or write online while the pages load and unload.  

But I didn’t let myself on Sunday.  I didn’t want to waste any time.  If I paid attention and moved on to the next page as soon as the program would let me, I would complete the edit faster and not get distracted.  Piles of unfiled papers pleaded that I file them during page loads.  They sat.  The internet begged me to open it and find something to watch on YouTube.  I didn’t.  

I finished the project a half-hour earlier than I expected on Sunday morning.  I took two breaks to switch laundry and get snacks and text message back a friend.  I discovered that I can sit still for about 45 minutes to an hour at a time before I lose my concentration and need to get up.  I hope that with practice focusing on one thing at a time will become easier and I will see it as an asset to do one thing at a time.  I’m sure everyone will benefit.

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One Response to Priorities, Resolutions, and Focus

  1. Cele` says:

    I use to be an efficent multi tasker (or at least I thought I was) but I have come to realize that the one thing that causes me grief in multi – tasking is the phone. bad, bad.

    Good luck

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