Talk Thursday – Soothing Naturals

Mom and I always ran late (and still do).  Eggo waffles made the best, quick breakfast.  On frenzied, school/work days, we’d chow down an Eggo or two at the table using real, breakable plates and steel forks.  Eggos needed butter and syrup, so eating them with our hands would have made a mess on the floor…for the dog to lick up.  

On the weekends, Mom would top them with medium-hard, steamed eggs.  The yolk would ooze into the waffle’s squares and mix with the butter and syrup creating a flavor blend that I recreate to this day when I need a little soothing.  Anything that reminds me of Mom soothes me.  

I don’t know what Kellogg’s puts in those waffles, but the smell of them toasting and their sweet, greasy flavor reminds of the good ol’ days, the best time of my life, when I lived with my mom and Sid.

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2 Responses to Talk Thursday – Soothing Naturals

  1. Cele says:

    What is it about Eggo Waffles that smells so damn good?

  2. Lynnski says:

    I’m catching up with the blogs and it isn’t even midnight yet. This was a sweet post. Those were the good old days. I’ll be there for thanksgiving.

    What happened between the time you and Don had a night off together and the day you left? I thought things were going well. I hope you’re okay. I loveyou.

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