Distraction and Forgetfulness

I had a typical morning today.  I got up, made my coffee, got my kid up and we got ready to go.  On the mornings when I work from home, I let the dog ride in the hatch during the daycare commute.  Today was one of those mornings.

I got back and started in on my paperwork and leisure reading (no, not porn…today) on the damned, distracting internet.  I rose from the couch to get myself some breakfast, and the cat was sitting by an empty water bowl in the kitchen.  Attentive to his every need, I refilled the water bowl and waited for the click, click, click of the dog’s toenails on the wood floor coming to chase the cat away.  

I heard none.  I looked around for him.  “Sunshine,” I called.  “Sunshine?”

OH. MY. STARS.   I didn’t.  Did I?  Anxiety overtook me.  What would Husband say when I told him that I forgot about his beloved dog that he loves more than he loves me?  

I ran to the door and put on my shoes.  No dog on the porch.  Crap!  I kept running to my car.  Sunshine was lying down in the hatch.  (Readers, please know that we live in the mountains where it is not too cold nor too warm this time of year.)  I opened the door for him, and he looked confused before he jumped out.  I apologized and apologized some more and walked him inside.  He seemed relieved to be freed and ready for the next adventure.

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One Response to Distraction and Forgetfulness

  1. Cele says:

    Oh a nice mellow dog. Arlo in not mellow. If he could ride in the truck in my lap, he’d do it. He’s out of the truck almost before I am. I think we need training.

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