Talk Thursday – The First Step

The other day while reading blogs on my Tag Surfer, I read a blog about keeping one’s focus.  I tried to find the blog again just now, but couldn’t.  I wanted to give credit where credit’s due.  Anyway, I read it and thought about what I was supposed to have done that morning and didn’t and what I did instead.  I think this was on Monday.  Working too much for others gets in my way and the internet causes a major distraction for me.  Again, pros and cons to everything.  Money from all the work = good.  Keeping up with friends online = good, but distracting!

The first step, finding and keeping my focus requires that I regain control of my extracurricular internet time.  I use reading and chatting on the internet as a reward for all my hard work, but I think I may reward myself too much sometimes.  Writing doesn’t count as a distraction because it’s a necessity.

I can usually justify all of my actions, but sometimes, I have to admit, I’m just slacking or exhausted or let myself have a drink too early in the evening that zaps my motivation to work through the evening.  Maybe I just work too much.  Why do I feel like I always have to be working?  Why do I derive so much of my personal definition by working so much?  Shouldn’t I be working smarter, not harder?  Well, that’s my goal for the next year.  I don’t mind working.  I enjoy it, but I want to work in less physically demanding ways, and hope I sleep enough, since I will have a lot of extra energy if I’m not running my ass off 6 days a week. 

Time to exercise the first step of getting off the internet and doing what needs to be done.  Speaking of internet distractions, my mom just sent me an instant message.  She said what she wanted to say and went offline, saying she had to get back to working on her project.  She has admirable self-control at times.  

What stops you from achieving your goals and what do you do to overcome your roadblocks?

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2 Responses to Talk Thursday – The First Step

  1. Cele says:

    I don’t tend to have many goals, and I pick them carefully so I can reach each one. I love my job, love it, but hate when it interfers with my blogging time. What I love about blogging is that through Talk Thursday I am becoming more introspective and appreciating my journey and accomplishments.

    When the internet becomes my problem I realize it’s because I am putting off what I do not want to do.

  2. seizui says:

    The interwebs are the roots of all evils. Er, something like that.

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