I would love to post about this week’s Talk Thursday “The First Step,” but first I have to ask myself, why, why, why did I drink so much tonight?

And why, why, why did it taste so good?  

And why did I let myself go so long without a glass of delicious, delectable red wine?  

As soon as I can form more sentences, I will post.  Until then, I just checked in this weekend’s guests, and I hope I seemed professional.  I felt more organized in my thoughts because I had to think harder to remember everything I needed to say or ask.  I’m looking forward to their wedding this weekend and have looked forward to it all summer.  

Oh, and I ran into an old friend/co-worker today.  Wow!  Let me say it again, Wow!


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One Response to why

  1. Cele says:

    There is little worse than a wine hangover. Drink lots, and I mean lots of water. Rest. and then I look forward to your Talk Thursday.

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