Going to Bed with Stories in My Head

I have to go to bed.

I have stories in my head.

I challenged myself to post something every day this week.  

This is it.  I’m going to bed.  If I go now, I have a chance of getting 7.5 hours of sleep tonight.  I cancelled guitar/spanish for tomorrow morning, so I can sleep in.  

Tomorrow (Thursday) is Little Guy’s third birthday.  I have to remember to bring his cupcakes that are cooling right now and his swimsuit.  Daycare will take him swimming tomorrow to celebrate.  And, he is getting over a cold.  Poor little guy!  If he feels up to it, we’ll head to a birthday party at my girlfriend’s house who had her baby on Aug. 7 last year.  Maybe we can alternate the party-throwing responsibilities each year, but I know that they’ll always do something.

I’m off to sleep and dream my stories.  As long as they make me smile while I sleep like they do when I’m awake, I’ll be doing well.  It just started to rain.  

Wishing you all slumber,


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1 Response to Going to Bed with Stories in My Head

  1. Cele says:

    I should challenge myself to post something everyday. Right now it would just be lily pictures…or pictures of pavers stacked awaiting their place in history. ha ha.

    Happy birthday Little Guy.

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