Weather – Other Side of the Coin

In my last post, I mentioned that it snowed here last week.  I’m over the snow and the coldness of this climate.  Summer only last 3 months, if that.  Almost everyone takes advantage of the warm weather as much as possible.  It’s been cooler here this year than usual.  The other side to that is gratitude that it isn’t 100 degrees or hotter.  I don’t think we’ve even reached 80 degrees yet this summer, except for maybe those couple warm days we had in June.  

I also have to remember that even though it’s cold here most of the year, the sun shines for 300 of those days.  It’s not like we live in an Alaskan-Portland, Oregon, with grey skies, or even Maine, where I hear it the cold bites through every layer.  When it gets to 30 (or 50 degrees) in March, no one wears coats.  It feels like a tropical holiday for a couple weeks.  

It’s 53 degrees right now, partly sunny with expected rain and a high of 74 degrees, though I’ll believe that when I see it.  I’m off to change into some pants, clean up the kitchen, and go to work.

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One Response to Weather – Other Side of the Coin

  1. Cele says:

    This summer’s weather sucks all around the country, I think though I will forego living where it snows; give me rain any day. I live in rain country, I love rain country, and rarely wear a coat. It’s the wind that wears me down, but if you get off the coast by just a few short miles you are out of the fierce winds and the tempture warms up considerable. After 36 years Florence is warm to me and the inland summer temps unbearable after a day.

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