TT – Green

Not to brag, but it’s midnight, and I just got home from a night on the town, and it wasn’t work that kept me out late.  I feel tired, and my mind’s going a mile a minute, at least, and that’s kind of slow for me.  

I’ve been listening to Nicole Torres for the past 2 days and LOVING it.  I can understand her when she sings, and that counts for a lot.  I can relate to her songs, and I like her stories.  

“I breathe the words ‘I love you’ into your mouth so you can taste them.”

“I’m impatient.  I’m impulsive.  I’m selfish.  I’m self-destructive.”

Nicole Torres plays the guitar, and speaking of guitar, I was at an after-wedding party for a mutual friend of mine where a rockin’ local band, Mooseknuckle, played.  Man, if I could play guitar half as well as either of the guitarists in that band, or well enough to be a guest guitarist on a Nicole Torres album, I would be happy, even if it takes another 20 years before I get there.  

Well, I don’t know if I can wait that long.  I’m pretty green at the guitar right now, and it feels like it might take that long.  Oh dog, and I haven’t practiced for at least 2 weeks.  We didn’t have Spanish/Guitar trade lessons for a couple weeks.  He had friends staying with him who travel as a band, and they keep musician hours.  I had a presentation on lesson morning, so I cancelled the last time.

Oh, I had a presentation!  I presented my writing services to a small group of local business owners.  I got a bite, but I need to bite back, call back rather, get the guy’s number and see what’s going on with his project.  If nothing else, it was a good experience, and I hope to do more of them, with less shaking in my voice, even though I didn’t feel that nervous, and I practiced and practiced, just like I was in a play, and I was on stage, and I LOVED that!  Until the hard questions came.  Oh well.  Live and learn for sure!

Now, I’m tired.  I think I had to calm down from a night of socializing and getting my butt grabbed more times than it did last week when I went out for Girls’ Night with my girlfriend.  This week, I just found the physical contact with strangers alarming.  Maybe it’s because most everyone had started drinking hours ago at the wedding.  I did meet some nice people tonight who had control of themselves and who apologized for their friends who did not.  Did that one guy get asked to leave or did he retire to the patio?  Don’t know, but I’m glad that we ended up in opposite places by the end.  I’m glad I got to spend time with friends, and we weren’t at work for once.

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One Response to TT – Green

  1. Cele says:

    My oldest daughter was married on Thursday. The one mistake I saw? Was letting the guest start drinking before the ceremony.. we had a heck of a time getting them to sit down and several were quite rude.

    While butt grabbing is an offense, it’s also a compliment..rather personal compliment, but hey, take it while you can, they dry up later on. Well except you’ll age like your mom so they could continue for a few decades. Good on you.

    I love your writing, don’t let go.

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