Worth Writing Down

I have slept all night for 8, consecutive hours for 3 nights in a row.  This is a miracle.  I don’t remember the last time this happened.  I’m a 4-6 hour a night kind of gal.  I get 8 hours in one night once or twice a week.  Most of the time, I stumble around in a state of exhaustion, going from one job or responsibility to the next, unable to make comprehensible conversation after 3 p.m.  

My thoughts keep me awake most nights.  Over the weekend, I resolved some of my anxiety on a couple of issues.  Also, the possibility of having 3 days to myself next week may have given me some excitement and peace.  Now, it may be taken away, but I won’t know until Tuesday.  

This past Sunday was my only day off for this week.  I found it noteworthy that I spent an entire day lying around doing near nothing.  My mouth had swollen in an allergic reaction to a salad I ate for breakfast, and I thought I was coming down with something.  I wasn’t.  I’m well.  My mouth returned to normal by yesterday.  

Somehow, I feel anxious now.  Or the coffee is having an effect on me today, and I’ve only had 10 of my 20 ounces.  I’d better get to work.  I picked up an extra shift at the restaurant this week, so I have to finish getting the Ranch ready today for our guests this weekend.  Thank goodness that this past weekend we had an awesome group of people.  What a simple, happy, green wedding party.  Aside from a few dirty towels and imperfect beds, I could hardly tell we had entertained a group of 70.  If only all of them were like this, but then I would appreciate conscious guests like them less.  

Signing off well-rested and with gratitude,


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2 Responses to Worth Writing Down

  1. Cele says:

    Jen, get more sleep. I am a firm believer that lack of sleep turns us old before our time – and you are far too young and vital to be old this soon.

  2. sideon says:

    Yeah – what Cele said!

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