Cute Little Words

I hear the cutest interpretations of words every day.  I’d like to share a few of Little Guy’s.

“new-nose” = noodles

“toe-toes” = tomatoes or potatoes

“grubbies” = berries

“one, two, fwee” = 1,2,3

“sickle” = bicycle

“nana” = banana

“pwease” = please (Oh, that one just melts me with his sweet little voice.)

“nem” = M&M

“skit-o” = Skittle

“jammuhs” = pajamas

“hewp” = help (sounds like “help” with a “w” instead of an “l”)

“nuffeen” = nothing

“down-dares” = downstairs

“Yah-ter” = water

“sell fowers” = smell flowers

“puh-poh” = purple



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2 Responses to Cute Little Words

  1. Cele says:

    My daughter use to say mem mems right before she would smear one M&M for a solid square foot.

    Wait until he starts singing songs off the radio, the lyrics are hilarious and very memorable. Joy is a child.

  2. Angie says:

    Oh wow!!! Now I miss my daughter’s baby talk stage. She came down with her own language and was conversing quite eloquently in it by three days old. By eighteen months, she was talking in complete, understandable sentences. One of my favorite words she used to use a lot was “piss-da-peared.” (Disappeared). She was a big word girl. She loved them and used them often. *sigh* they just grow up too fast!!!

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