Talk Thursday – In Your Room

I turn right to enter your room.  Centered against the milk-chocolate brown wall rests a fluffy bed on a woven platform. You have dressed the bed in soft, white sheets and a white, cotton blanket.  Tri-folded on the end of the bed lies a down comforter enveloped in a tan suede duvet, the color of deer hide.  The other walls look like the color of froth in a latte, creamy with a touch of coffee mixed in.  Bright blue daylight comes through the open window framed in Chinese silk, green curtains.  The breeze makes them float like loose bamboo stems.  I take a deep breath, and another.  I feel calm and energized at the same time.  Two long and low, blue, dusty dressers sit on either side of the bed with a white lamp on each side.  Each lamp has a glossy ceramic base, fuller at the bottom, tapering to the top and a sunflower yellow, linen lampshade.  A picture of me sits on your side.  A picture of you sits on my side.  Half-read books sit on each dresser.  I walk across the polished, wood floor and lie down to stare at the ceiling and contemplate my day.  It is so quiet and still, except for the occasional wind, that I fall into a deep, restful sleep.  

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4 Responses to Talk Thursday – In Your Room

  1. Cele says:

    Very visual. I am always interested to see how each writer will be affected by the topic. You gave us air and flow in frothy foam.

  2. Lynnski says:

    Nicely done, little koala. Beautiful expression. I’m impressed.

  3. seizui says:

    Ahhhh – little koala. Cute.

  4. sideon says:

    I remember a certain room with stars on the ceiling.

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