Separation vs. Reconciliation

It seems that separation and divorce have been in the air lately among the people I know.  I got an email from a friend who got divorced in February.  She has reconciled with her ex-husband, and they will remarry.  He’s relocating back to her area.  

It got me thinking that if divorce and separation are in the air, then reconciliation is in the air, too.  Yin for a yang.  Balance.  Maybe separation is a reconciliation in a different way, a reconciliation to be apart from a partner.  What happened to make it possible for a couple to be together after divorcing each other, and what makes another couple not be able to do the same thing?  Not that reconciliation to be together is the right choice for every couple.    For these two, it felt right to read the good news this afternoon.  

No, I’m not separating from Husband, in case you were wondering.  I was just thinking about people and the ceremonies we have created and in which we partake (or don’t.)  Ah, the choices we make and their consequences.  That has been the theme for me in the last week and a half.  

Before I choose this comfy couch again, I will force myself to do all the dishes…unless another thought pops in my head, which they seem to do when I try to do the dishes at night and listen to my headphones.  PJ Harvey’s on my ears tonight.  She’s so moody and passionate and a little dark.   

Separation vs. Reconciliation Part 2 is on its way, but I haven’t nailed down the right words and thoughts yet.  

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5 Responses to Separation vs. Reconciliation

  1. seizui says:

    Yin for a yang. ‘Nuff said.

  2. sideon says:

    Completely off topic: I miss you.

  3. Cele says:

    Wow, something is in the water. I always wonder when people get “back together” if they think the offending party won’t do the offense again. I.E. like leaving…again.

    Obviously, three marriages later, there hasn’t been a lot of reconsiliation in my relationships.

    But interesting food for thought

  4. Jenniphur says:

    Cele – I should have said more, for once, in my post. The couple I referred to grew apart in the the last couple of years. They remained great friends throughout their marriage of 10 years or so but lost the connection(s) that made them husband and wife. I hope it doesn’t happen again. I think that everyone has a reservation of some size that a relationship won’t work out when any couple decides to be together again. Why does it feel right for them and not for others? I wonder if it has to do with reconciling with yourself. This was where I was going with Part 2.

    Sid – Completely off topic, I miss you, too – every day.

  5. Seizui says:

    Both of you – not at all off topic, by the way. “Miss you,” does not come close.

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