Snow, Chipmunks, and Chicken

It’s Husband’s birthday today.  We woke up to a dusting of snow.  This does not a cheerful husband make.  It was a chilly June day with a high in the 40s and a cold north wind. 

I worked around the house all day on my day off, went to the grocery store for cake mix and cocoa powder for frosting.  Husband watched tv and then worked on some work and cleaned out the garage, so that he could keep working on some work.  While cleaning the garage, he heard a scratching noise from some of the boxes.  Yes, the boxes that we still haven’t unpacked after 3 years in this house.  He located the box, opened it up and saw gutted, stuffed animals inside.  He kept digging through it, now with gloves on, and found 6 baby chipmunks.  Then, the Mama Chipmunk jumped out of the box at Husband and ran to a corner.  Husband screamed like he’d seen a mountain lion.  Just kidding.  The Mama made him jump back a little.  Husband fetched me from the house to show me the baby chipmunks.  Their eyes hadn’t opened yet, and their bodies measured no more than 2 inches, not including tails.  I thought human baby hands were tiny, but their little paws and itty-bitty claws on the ends were the tiniest I had ever seen.  Husband set down the box in the garage for the Mama to reclaim her family.  

We have a dog, a large one, with wispy golden fur and intense curiosity in the outdoors.  His presence did not encourage the Mama to run back to that box.  The dog, Sam, discovered the box’s contents and had his nose in it, but couldn’t find the source of the interesting smell.  Sam ran back and forth between the box and Husband, until Husband excused himself from a phone call and showed the dog the babies.  Sam got so excited that he stuck his nose on the babies and licked them.  Cute, but ew.  Husband sent the dog inside to behave himself while the babies got relocated.  We won’t know until morning if the Mama has found her family.  Husband thinks this may teach Chipmunks to stay. out. of. the. garage.  I have realistic ideas about that notion.  

I made a fabulous birthday dinner which consisted of mashed potatoes and teriyaki shrimp for Husband, the vegetarian except for his shrimp, and teriyaki chicken for me.  Little Guy won’t eat meat, so I served him a bowl of mashed potatoes.  He doesn’t usually like those either, but it’s not his birthday, so it’s not my problem if he chooses not to eat mashed potatoes.  I cooked 2 cakes before dinner, in case you were wondering.  Back to the dinner table.  Little Guy saw me cutting up my chicken and asked me for a piece.  I gave him a little bit of chicken and expected him to push it around, taste it, make a face, and spit it out.  Guess what.  He ate it, enjoyed the marinade flavor on it, and then he asked for another morsel!  He has not eaten meat with me since he was a baby.  At daycare, he will eat anything his provider cooks for him.  Fish on Fridays.  Hamburgers on Thursdays.  He eats it all!  I ended up sharing quite a bit of my chicken with him tonight, saving the last bites for him.  He ate it all and asked for even more!  This is a breakthrough!  His mashed potatoes remained untouched, but he told me they tasted good when I asked him.  

I fell asleep on the couch after dinner.  Husband put Little Guy to bed.  I got up and put Husband’s gifts on the table for him and started making frosting.  Husband opened his gifts (2 CDs) and ran upstairs to listen to the Dead Kennedys while he showered.  I had a forward flash of our life with Little Guy in about 10 years or less while I heard garbled punk rock fuzzing its way through thin subfloor above me.  What a happy man he was!  I wouldn’t trade that reaction for anything.  

I frosted the cake and cleaned up the kitchen.  After hanging out on the couch while I typed and he watched tv, cake time arrived.  Vanilla cake was a nice change.  I don’t know what kind I want for my birthday in two months.  Yes, I will spend time deciding between now and then.  I plan everything in my life, or try to, from what sandwich I will eat during my day shift to what outfit I’ll wear to what I’ll make for dinner every night for a week to whether or not I’ll celebrate my birthday this year.  Some days I try to go with the flow like a fish in the Blue River.  Today is not that day.  Today, Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting sounds good for my birthday.  


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2 Responses to Snow, Chipmunks, and Chicken

  1. Cele says:

    My second husband use to make me coconute cake with cream cheese frosting…it’s the only thing I miss about him. ho hum.

    You know I’m expecting little itty bitty chipmunk pictures…right?

  2. Lynnski says:

    Sounds like you had a nice birthday for Don. I need ideas for your birthday. What color are you fond of this year?

    So what happened to the chipmunks? I was the person on the phone so I’m really curious. I found a young mouse family in my stained glass bin one year, so I know how cute and destructive they can be.


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