Talk Thursday: Behind Those Eyes

Like Cele, I had trouble finding a groove with this topic.  I started early in order to post on Thursday.  Then, Master Procrastinator reared her royal head, and here we are on Sunday.  Here’s what I came up with.  It didn’t go anywhere poetic or lyrical like I expected.  


Behind Those Eyes

Behind those eyes, I see a hundred different things.  I see the past, present, future. 

Behind those eyes is the back of your skull.  Ha.  

Behind those eyes lies the best part of you and of me and of everyone I love and the reasons I love all of us.  It controls the pleasure, the purring, the mad, and the sad.  It controls all the thoughts we have. 

Behind those eyes.  


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3 Responses to Talk Thursday: Behind Those Eyes

  1. seizui says:

    . . . the back of your skull. 😉

  2. ctanglefoot says:

    Shiggy beat me to it, the back of your shull made me laugh quite loudly.

  3. Angie says:

    Laughing right out loud here in the office. Good thing I am the only one in today! I loved the “pleasure and purring” part!

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