A Wish for Big Change

I want one job.  One.  Not three or four.  I want one.  I want one job that covers all the bills with a little left over and provides free or super-cheap health insurance for at least me.  No more crazy life running to multiple jobs.  I want to streamline my work places into one, plus doing Husband’s business stuff on the side.  If I made enough, I could pass that side work on, or at least hire my accountant to take care of most of it all year long.  Okay, add that.  

I want one job that pays me an amount to more than cover all the bills with a little left over for us and enough to hire my accountant year-round and get free or super-affordable health insurance for at least me.  

Now, I have to make it happen.  

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5 Responses to A Wish for Big Change

  1. sideon says:

    And you will make it happen, I have no doubt or doubts.

  2. jenniphur says:

    Thank you, Sid. I know I will. I hope I make it happen in the next 4 months.

  3. Lynnski says:

    I want one job too. One where I make gobs of money in about 20 hours per week so I catch up with blogging and fun writing.

    Check out Dooce.com. I saw her on Utah Now the other day. Her blog is instructive and she is making enough money at it to support her family. She is also very funny, sharp, honest and strikes a good balance with what to say about her family. Lots of pictures.

    Love you.

  4. seizui says:

    You do know, saying, “I will make it happen,” will actually make it happen.

    Now – I want all those things you listed, well . . . maybe with the exception of hiring an accountant for your husband’s company, as I don’t know your husband, but I digress. I just want all that stuff, the time, freedom, etc., WITHOUT the job. 😉 Now, wouldn’t that be nice?

  5. jenniphur says:

    Seizui and Lynnski:

    I will meditate in the tub now with positive thoughts toward one job with listed requirements.

    I’m working on doing something that also allows time, freedom, and the fun stuff without the job.

    Sid: Thanks for the affirming words.

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